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    I am new to Conquest. I have installed Conquest and two other Dicom tools: MIPAV and MicroDICOM viewer. Both MIPAV and MicroDicom viewer allow user to query image from a server. I put the Conquest "AE title, IP, Port" information in. My question is: how should I add "MIPAV" and "MicroDICOM" into the "Known DICOM providers" in CONQUEST to make the communication work, specifically, what "AE", "IP" and "Port number"I should put for either of MIPAV and MicroDICOM?

    I am able to to "Send Query" in MIPAV and find images on CONQUEST, but when I "retrieve images", I got the

    error message: Host 'mipav' did not accept the connection

    Here is my current setting in "Known Dicom providers":

    CONQUESTSRV1 5678 un

    mipav 3100 un

    V* * 1234 un

    W* * 666 un

    S* * 5678 un

    In MIPAV's DICOM Communication Panel: I added "CONQUESTSRV1", IP and PORT in the "Servers".