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    CSA Non-Image Storage sop

    Cardiac Electrophysiology Waveform Storage 1.2.840.10008. sop

    X-Ray Angiographic Image Storage 1.2.840.10008. sop

    Verification 1.2.840.10008.1.1 sop

    The data I am trying to store is data captured from a hemodynamic system, waveform, presentation type data. This was working until our hemo system was recently upgraded and I am not sure what caused the data transfer issue

    Marcel, thank you for the suggestion however the additions to the dgatesop.lst did not resolve the issue. I am still seeing a "Dicom Move Error"

    Any other suggestions. I will also check with my vendor to see if there are any other SOP Classes that may need to be entered

    I have setup a hemodynamic modality which collects waveform and presentation data to transfer it to our DiCom Server. I can query the modality from the server and see the list of studies on the modality. However the transfer of data fails. I have also attempted to transfer from the modality to the server, which the data fails to transfer. We have been able to successfully ping and get a C-Echo and I can query the modality to see the list of studies. The transfer never starts or can complete. My vendor has asked about a DiCom conformance statement and stressed the DiCom data is a non image dicom waveforms.

    I deleted the dicom.ini file and went through the installation process again. It appears the database has been created correctly now since I can verify it, however when I try to retrieve from the modality to the DiCom Server I get a message still stating: DiCom move error, Remote Dicom error.

    If I attempt to push or transfer from the modality to the server at the modality I get a "Data Transfer error" listed at the modality.

    When I click the browse database button, I receive the following error message " Access violation at address ..... in Module ConquestDicomServer.exe. I am running the application as an admin so not sure why I would see this message

    Just so I am clear on the last post. I have entered the modality name, ip, and port (104) into the file and also the Dicom Server name, ip address and port (5678). The modality has been setup to query and retrieve.

    Are there any other settings I need to check. Also could the error we are receiving be due to a port being blocked (5678)?

    I think I am close now, I have reached the point where I am trying to Query / Move from my imaging modality to the DiCom Server I just setup. I queried the modality and am able to see the studies however when I tried to copy to the destination I received the following error "Dicom move error, Remote DiCom error. Do I need to setup the modality to be some type of Send To location. I did get the modality to ping the server

    Just to add a little more context to the issue, what I am looking to do is use the DiCom Server as a routing mechanism. I have a robust PC that I have installed the DiCOM Server software on and I have a drive mapped to out enterprise storage. I would like to use the DiCOM Server as a routing device so we can send images from our imaging modalities directly to the mapped drive using the DiCOM as the send to device from our imaging modalities. Do I really even need a database setup in order to do this

    I am working to setup the DICOM 1.4.19b server software on a Windows PC to act as a storage device for dicom images. In going through the setup the "Make ODBC Connection" button is grayed out. I have installed the drivers for SQLLite since I just went with the default database for the installation. In addition when I select the "Verify Database Installation" button I get the following error "The server is not running properly: association rejected, Probable cause: database is not accessible