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    Perfect hscheurig. I was able to recreate the issue by your suggestion. What i found is that drag and drop will not work if the gui is run as administrator. That is right click run as admin or if the "run this program as an administrator" option is checked under the compatibility tab in the shortcut properties. All is great now . Thanks Marcel and hscheurig great team work.

    Yep did a reboot .Yes it is strange because i have copied the same files to another machine which works perfectly. What i noticed is that on the machine with this issue the file dgate.exe is running under system but on the working machine which is a 64bit dgate64.exe it is running as the logged on user. I also noticed when I use a different user profile on the bad machine it seems to work.

    Thanks again.

    hi good day i am having an issues with a machine where when i drag and drop images into the conquest GUI nothing happens . No confirmation dialogue box appears. I am able to use on another machine running a copy of the same files . I have made the Ichnges "mportExportDragAndDrop = 1" still no luck. Appreciate any help .

    Thanks Anthony