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    Hi, I am use conquest dicom printserve 1.4.17d.

    could enter the customer's logo for print tests on letter-size paper, the sheet header ?

    give me step by step, please.


    Yes, it is working.

    But printing very low, 10 minuts, 20 minuts for printing each paper.

    the impression I left the CR, the OKIDATA printer light flashes and indicates processing, but does not print, only after 10 or 20 minutes.

    pass me your guidance.

    Tks. Marcel


    I am also Marcel.

    I doubt. Conquest works as Dicom server for direct printing ???

    Receiving the work of a workstation ( PACS AGFA )

    OKIDATA have a printer configured on AGFA PACS .

    In case when the print command AGFA workstation , open a screen to write on the computer that have the conquest installed.

    You can pass me configuration for direct printing from PACS AGFA for Okidata printer .

    AET set up and successfully port the AGFA PACS .