Using K-Pacs in the USA

  • Hello all:
    I am a big fan of K-Pacs and have enjoyed watching it grow into a very usable viewer. An obvoius advantage to K-Pacs over other US vendors is the quick correction of problems. Can we use the K-Pacs viewer for human use in the US? Please do not be insulted but we have the FDA, ACR, RSNA, etc.
    If not is there a K-Pacs product for sale that is usable inthe US?
    Keep up the great work
    Chuck in Vermont

  • Hallo Chuck,
    K-PACS is a freeware and NOT registered as a medical device. But this is necessary for human use within the United States. There is a commercial version (very affordable for 499 USD only, named iQ-VIEW which you can use in the most countries of the world as a certified medical device. We are working very hard on the so called FDA 510(k) approval in order to get the permission for the FDA as well. We expect it in the middle of 2006. We would like to set you on the mailing list, and you will receive the notification as soon as we get the clearince.
    Arpad Bischof, MD
    Manager IIS

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