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  • The conquest will create issue try to use dcm4chee...

    • Thanks, for the suggestion, I actually looked at dcm4che2 and tested it first before Conquest. It worked OK responding to the worklist query, and echo, but I thought that Conquest would be a simpler and easier to manage solution for what I needed which is just a worklist server. I was going to check out dcm4chee also, but Conquest is working for what I needed already. I'm feeding Conquest HL7 ORM files from Mirth/Nextgen Connect and as soon as I populated the worklist with enough information, the Siemens machine could pull the worklist properly. dcm4chee was little harder to setup and I liked that Conquest is an actual application already put together and ready to do what I needed with good logging and can run as a service.

    • If possible can you share you worklist table structure and HL7 message file for a review.