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    hello, KPacs Users,

    I am looking for KPacs Dicom viewer files to install on a "Windows 10" machine. I just cannot get the older KPacs 1.6 version working on a "W-10" PC. Yes, i have them working efficiently and effectively on a "Windows 7" PC, but not on a Windows 10".

    Any suggestions? Pls. advice. i shall truly appreciate it.

    Thnx and best...

    raj s (KPACS user forever and counting...)

    Hi Sabine,
    I tried your link and guess what? there is no sign for kpacs.
    there are these : as shown below: But don't see no KPacs. Can you please send me separately a link for the KPacs only.
    much thnx --- rajs

    Represents a set of tools for the purpose of testing and troubleshooting DICOM communications.
    dicom-anonymizea DICOMAnonymize
    A Windows® based easy DICOM anonymization tool.
    A Windows based tool to create DICOM reference images for measurement validation of PACS viewers.
    A useful web application to determine the appropiate size of your PACS

    Hi Andreas and Gang,
    I have been an avid user of your K-pacs Dicom client and love the smooth interface. I use it to load MRI images and burn them on a CD-R, mainly, or to view them on the console ( none for any interpretation or so other legal stuff, be assured).
    Recently, I had to upgrade to a new PC and since then, have lots of K-pacs related issues. I can download data but cannot burn it.
    I was looking at your site for kpacs downlaoader but cannot find any. I did find iQ-system pacs etc. but did not know if these are like the Kpacs .

    Also, having problems seeing the dicom images on the pacs... it says missing dicomdll.dll file, even though it is there.
    The burnt CD-R cannot open after burning to view.
    What am I missing?
    Please advice.
    I truly appreciate this.
    Raj Sangoi
    845 398 5416