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    I am working on an application that is expected to communicate with hospital RIS to perform C-ECHO and C-FIND.

    I was able to perform C-ECHO with PACS software such as K-PACS with no issues and I installed and configured iQ-RIS hoping to check C-ECHO and C-FIND.

    After successful installation of iQ-RIS, I was able to use the "Master Data->DICOM Nodes" dialogue to configure and verify connection with K-PACS.

    But, it is not clear to me how to specify the port number in iQ-RIS so that I can use the same from K-PACS / my application to communicate to iQ-RIS.

    So, my question is:

    1. Does iQ-RIS provide ability to specify its own AET/Host/Port settings (not for a DICOM node) If not, what is the default port number I can use?

    2. Should I be able to perform C-ECHO and C-FIND with iQ-RIS.

    Thanks in advance for your time and responses.