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    Hi guys,

    I connect a scanner machine 'Samsung emotion 16' to conquest dicom. The archiving is ok.

    But I have a problem with worklist only with this machine.

    Attached the event log on the machine.


    this problem was occured when i regen the mag device:

    Regen single device: MAG10

    ***Dynamic_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 6568642e)

    ***Length = 11873

    ***Continuing parsing

    ***(Dyn) Encountered an invalid group order during load of DCM file (after 6568642e)

    ***[Regen] F:\datarecup\20150212\\\ -FAILED: Error on Load

    ***Dynamic_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 33353537)

    ***Length = 27237

    ***Continuing parsing


    When i try to open the exam with weasis viewer, it shows that it is loading images but after sometime all the thumbnails are disappeared and i have blank screen.

    and this is the java log:

    Java Web Start amd64

    Utilisation de la version JRE 1.8.0_171-b11 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM

    Répertoire de base de l'utilisateur = C:\Users\Admin


    c: effacer la fenêtre de la console

    f: finaliser les objets de la file d'attente de finalisation

    g: nettoyer la mémoire

    h: afficher ce message d'aide

    m: imprimer le relevé d'utilisation de la mémoire

    o: déclencher la journalisation

    p: recharger la configuration du proxy

    q: masquer la console

    r: recharger la configuration des règles

    s: vider les propriétés système et de déploiement

    t: vider la liste des threads

    v: vider la pile des threads

    0-5 : fixer le niveau de trace à <n>


    ***** Starting Configuration *****

    Operating system: windows-x86-64

    Preferences directory: C:\Users\Admin\.weasis\preferences\Admin\default

    locale.lang.code: en

    locale.format.code: fr_FR INFO false 5 10MB {0,date,dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS} *{4}* [{2}]() {3} {5}


    Last running version: 2.0.7

    Current version: 2.0.7

    weasis.resources.path: C:\Users\Admin\.weasis\data\9CD03BCF\resources

    ***** End of Configuration *****

    Weasis Starting...


    Cannot install native bundle: weasis-imageio-codec-windows-x86-64-1.2-b04

    Cannot install native bundle: jai-lib-windows-x86-64-1.1.4-b03

    06.10.2021 20:22:10.155 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel]() LogManager: Logging set up from context

    06.10.2021 20:22:10.795 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel]() org.weasis.core.api.internal.Activator Register Codec Plug-in: Sun java imageio

    06.10.2021 20:22:10.970 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel]() org.weasis.core.api.internal.Activator Register Codec Plug-in: dcm4che


    Welcome to Apache Felix Gogo

    telnetd is running on

    06.10.2021 20:22:11.695 *INFO* [AWT-EventQueue-2]() org.weasis.base.ui.gui.WeasisWin End of loading the GUI...

    06.10.2021 20:22:12.417 *INFO* [pool-23-thread-1]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.wado.DownloadManager Downloading WADO references:…ctor/RequestManifest?id=3

    06.10.2021 20:22:12.657 *INFO* [pool-23-thread-1]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.wado.DownloadManager [Validate with XSD schema] wado_query is valid

    06.10.2021 20:22:12.672 *INFO* [pool-23-thread-1]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.wado.DownloadManager Adding new patient: SNENE KHALED(sar)

    06.10.2021 20:22:12.691 *INFO* [pool-29-thread-3]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.wado.LoadSeries Downloading series of SNENE KHALED(sar) [1.2.392.200036.9125.3.7223812187108229.64983896575.5688136]

    06.10.2021 20:22:12.728 *INFO* [AWT-EventQueue-2]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.DicomExplorer Add series: 1.2.392.200036.9125.3.7223812187108229.64983896575.5688136

    06.10.2021 20:22:12.988 *INFO* [pool-32-thread-1]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.wado.LoadSeries End of downloading…ax=1.2.840.10008.

    06.10.2021 20:22:13.032 *ERROR* [pool-32-thread-1]() org.weasis.dicom.codec.DicomMediaIO null

    06.10.2021 20:22:13.103 *INFO* [AWT-EventQueue-2]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.DicomModel Remove Patient: SNENE KHALED(sar)

    06.10.2021 20:22:13.103 *INFO* [AWT-EventQueue-2]() org.weasis.dicom.explorer.DicomModel Remove Study: 6 oct. 2021 10:22:47