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    I can read this CD easy with proprietary software, but i'm not able to send into the pacs with DICOMReader (Version 2.1.1, Last modified: Dec, 13th 2005).

    It's seems that the software is non able to read the CD... what can i do?

    I notice the name of the files are very long: i also tried to change them, but unsucessfully. X( Always DICOMReader can't read the files...

    I have a DVD with 2407 files of TC BODY: i have only the image without any directory or other kind of files (click here to download)

    The Philps DICOM Viewer is able to read the directory.

    When i run Dicomreader, it read all the files and seems to send them to the PACS, but they don't! And there are no signs of errors in the box of Dicomreader....:/

    The file are named MP000001 to MP002017 with no extension visible (even if i modify the explorer options in windows)...

    What can i do? :huh: