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    Hi Marcel,

    Hope you are doing well. I have couple of questions. If you can guide me it would be great help.

    1. Is 'ue' the correct code for 'Little Endian Explicit' transfer syntax?

    2. I set the transfer syntax 'j2' in But while actual negotiation I see transfer syntax as 1.2.840.10008. Can you please tell me the transfer syntax code I should set in, if I want to set the transfer syntax to JPEGBaseLine1 (1.2.840.10008.


    Hello, I have few questions regarding transferring files using Conquest 1.4.19b version.

    1. How to transfer dicom files with specific transfer syntax? I would want to transfer some files with transfer syntax JPEGBaseLine1 (1.2.840.10008.

    2. How to set default transfer syntax to Explicit Little Endian?

    3. Does Conquest 1.4.19b support automatic transfer syntax conversion?

    Appreciate your help and time.