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    What if I have to change the patient ID?

    Situation: there is a conquest with 5000 studies where every study got the patient id = 00000000. Thats the only data in there. There is no way to sort this and we want to send them to an archive, which wants a unique patient id. Otherwise it won't accept the image for different demographics (age, sex, name).

    My wish would be an import converter or something similar which adds an autoincrement prefix. So the first study becomes 0000001 and the 123th study becomes 000000123 and so on. Is there a way to do this?




    we have kinda the same error here. The pictures are already stored in conquest, but when we try to get them out (send, dgate --move whatever) conquest just freezes and writes a

    ***Implicit_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 68506c69)

    in the PACStrouble.log

    The pictures are stored as v2 so I tried to convert them to dcm with the WatchFolder-option. Same result. Conquest writes the first picture on the file system with 0kb size, takes all memory available and does nothing after that.

    Any ideas how to send them as v2 away or uncompress them and then send the dcm/ work from there?



    Hi Marcel,

    I think i found the issue. The conquest-GUI seems to do a GROUP BY for PatientID, when they have two or more studies at the same day. Or Maybe it is some form of DISTINCT for the return string of Date&Study&Name&PatID.

    In my case here I sorted and compared the output from the conquest-GUI and mysql INTO OUTFILE in excel.

    In the picture you can see that PatID 1413 got only one entry in the left column for the date 20090831 (thats conquest output concatenated in excel without space signs) while on the right side you can see him/her twice for that date. (thats mysql output concatenated again)

    When I query on Image level for this PatientID and StudyDate I get the same result (272 pictures) as with my mysql native query

    SELECT count(*) from dicomimages WHERE imagepat LIKE '1413' AND acqdate LIKE '20090831';

    I will count the actual amount of pictures send off by conquest tomorrow. Sending 200908% to another conquest instance and just count the images with windows explorer. Hopefully it will be the same amount than the mysql-query.

    so when i do

    select dicomstudies.studydate, dicomstudies.patientnam, dicomstudies.patientid

    from dicomstudies

    where dicomstudies.studydate like '200910%'

    i get my 1537 lines of result as well, since it is basically the same query i did above.

    Is Conquest really send a SQL statement with "values:" to the database where it would normally be "where"? I can't get a statement with "values:" to work.


    right now I am a little bit confused.

    If I use the conquest GUI to querry my own server, i get another result than my querry on mysql itself. I thought about it an hour, but can't find an explanation yet.

    Example: Querry for the amount of studies with studydate Oct 2009.

    If i do it over the GUI like this:

    the result is 1497 studies coming up in the Query/Move window. The GUI itself unfortunatelly does not show the real sql command in the logfile, even when set to debug mode.

    If I connect via windows cmd directly to my conquest-database and use the sql string

    select studyinsta from dicomstudies where studydate like ('200910%'); the result is 1537 studies found.

    What could be an explanation for the missing 40 studies?

    My fear behind all this is, that when I do a Query/Move that way to another PACS, I won't send all data.



    Hi Marcel,

    when you say "scramble the image ... prior to sending" it does scramble the original image on the harddrive or the image copy loaded into the RAM which conquest wants to send? The original image shall not be altered.




    is there a way to prevent Conquest from sending specific images to a workstation, when the workstation performs a Q/R?

    E.g. there are four pictures in a series and the pictures #2 and #4 which have the value X in the dicom field Y should not be send.

    If 0018,1023 = "exact string/value"

    then dont send

    else send

    goto next picture



    Hello everyone,

    one of our clients updated from eFilm 1.5.3 to Win7 with eFilm4.0 and now it is not possible to retrieve Images from the PACS. I tried several versions of Conquest (.17; .13; .14) but it's always the same.
    The query works fine - i can see the results but when i want to load the specific series, eFilm seems to freeze. I see no calling etc. even in debug-mode in the conquest server gui. So i looked in the eFilm-Dicom-log and found this:

    (3904) 03-31 11:22:33.25 MC3 W: Presentation context 13 rejected, reason 0x03
    (3904) 03-31 11:22:33.25 MC3 W: | Abstract syntax: 1.2.840.10008. (COMPOSITE_INSTANCE_ROOT_RET_MOVE)
    (3904) 03-31 11:22:33.25 MC3 W: | Abstract Syntax Rejected

    This SOP is not in dgatesop.lst maybe thats the problem?

    Other Viewers seems to use
    PatientRootRetrieve 1.2.840.10008. sop
    when calling for images. Is there a way to add this SOP to conquest? Or has someone managed to bind eFilm4.0 to Conquest successfully? If yes, which version of Conquest is running?

    with kind regards

    Thx Marcel, the hint works.

    i scripted the following powershell 1.0 script

    Get-Content \\pacs\dcmgateway\serverstatus.log | Select-Object -last 1
    start-sleep -s 5

    The script reads the logfile from remote host, only shows the last line and waits 5 secs until it do it all over again. Maybe this will help someone else.



    i am using Conquest with an export-converter who sends incoming images over to another institution. Everything with the routing etc. works fine but i need some kind of "visual feedback of what is going on right now". Sure, i can run the conquest-gui and go to the "server status"-tab and see that he forwards everything, but i normally don't want to log in every time via VNC oder RDP to the server. So is there a possibility to see the server-status messages in realtime on my windows 7 pc? Like some kind of DOS-box which logs in from my win7 to the server2003 and shows all messages?



    maybe this will help you a little bit to go on.

    Configuration of rules to modify, log or reject incoming DICOM slices
    ImportConverter0 = ifequal "%V0010,0020[0,0]","?";set 0010,0020 to "%V0010,0020[1,50]"

    First Conquest checks if the first letter/char of the patient id is a "?" - if this is true, he cuts of the "?" by setting the new id to %V0010,0020[1,50] (1 to 50 means that char 0, where he starts to count, is going to the virtual trashcan and only the rest of the new patient id is set to the new id.)
    Your Problem is, that u have your unwanted _SJS at the end of the patient id. If all PatientIDs have the same lenght (e.g. 000123 and 012345 and 654321 but not 123, 12345, 654321) all you have to to is changing the parameter [1,50] to cut of, and [0,0]","?" to [x,y]","*_SJS".

    What does your IDs look like?

    Hi Marcel,

    can you descripe this a little bit more detailed?

    What is a good example to go on, if i want to check the incoming patient -> get the description from dicom-field 0008,1030 StudyDescription -> maybe "MR HWS" -> forward all older "MR HWS"-Studies on the Server to a known dicom provider?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi dede_ii

    - Which are Implications if I Install K-Pacs without kpservice ?

    If i'm correct it should be the same as iq-view-server service. We run twice in the problem that iq-view non-service makes 3rd party tools disfuntional. After installing iq-server as service on startup, everything is fine.

    - What is the fonction of the K-Pacs Service on the port (default) 104 ?

    Guess it is the SCP to store images.


    Maybe this helps you out:

    ExportConverters = 1
    ExportConverter0 = ifequal "%V0008,0090[0,7]","John Doe"; forward to SERVER1

    If the first 8 letters of the physicians name is like "John Doe" conquest will forward to the AET SERVER1 (remember to set up this AET in Known Dicom Providers - and vice versa in the SERVER1-Conquest)


    Dear Marcel, i found the small catch.
    The OFFIS-study consists of 3 pictures. The third picture had the exact StudyDescription as i'm looking for. So he forwarded this picture correctly. I only saw the new patient in ARCHIV2 and thought "damn he transfers" but he only has this one picture and not all 3.
    So all works fine.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to forward every incoming data with the StudyDescription "Combined LUT Test" (without "" in the dicom-field of course) to a seperated conquest (ARCHIV2). So i need to check the field { 0x0008, 0x1030, "StudyDescription", 64, SQL_C_CHAR, DT_STR }.

    I tried the following:

    ExportConverters = 1
    ExportConverter0 = ifequal "%V0008,1030","Combined LUT Test"; forward to ARCHIV2

    Now, Conquest forwards every incoming data with Combined in the name, e.g. "Combined LUT PState Test" is forwarded, too. Tried it with the ifequal "%V0008,1030[0,16] but he still sends "Combined LUT PState Test" to ARCHIV2. Other studies like "Complex Combination Test" aren't forwarded.

    Of course in the live-System the description is something usefull ("CR kidney", i only want to send "CR kidney" and not "CR kidney extern"; just tried it here in the sandbox with technical images)
    Using Conquest 1.4.14 with DBaseIII.

    Thank you in advance.

    I use NativeSQL-Driver with MySQL 5.0.45

    Installed a conquest with DBASE on the mentioned pc - the transfer from conquest to conquest works without problems. But receiving images with IQV from the new localhost dbase-conquest results in the same error.