Infos on the K-PACS free and non-free version

  • Please Elaborate on the "Non Free" version
    what are your plans regarding pricing.
    what features will be retained in the free version.
    what will the relationship be between k-pacs and x-pacs the open source project?
    will the x-pacs project be under the GPL liscence?
    Have you considered opensourcing the whole project?
    here are some suggested readings on how you could still benefit financially if you open source it, i personally found that article enlightening.…al-bazaar/magic-cauldron/

  • Here is some information on the upcomming release of a CE approved commercially distributed version of K-PACS:

    - target release date: 01.10.2005
    - target pricing: 300 ? per single license
    - some additional features: - direct reporting (SR conform), DICOM basic grayscale printing, DICOM worklist SCU implementation, integrated TWAIN interface, integrated e-mail client, basic MPR
    - professional installation and maintenance support by the distributor
    - planned features in future updates: 3D reconstruction, Q/R as SCP, ODCP database connection

    The free K-PACS version will of course keep all already implemented features and will become updated as frequently as used to.

    I can even imagine an equalization of the two versions concerning features. The main difference will of course retain: in many countries a certification by standardization organizations like ISO or FDA is mandatory for using soft- and hardware in health care. Unfortunately - in my opinion - many doctors are not sensitive enough to this reglementation. The additional features therefor serve as a sort of stimulus to buy the software instead of using the free one.

    The X-PACS project is thought to be my contribution to the Open-Source community. K-PACS developement benefits from open source a lot (DCMTK, ezDICOM), so IMHO i think it would be fair enough to return somthing useful. I recently found a co-author who is currently working on a stable dicom library that can be linked to C++ and Delphi applications. I will release the ezDICOM based viewer component and a sample implementation soon. X-PACS is not intendet to be an open source K-PACS but a chance for others to develop a similar or better application without having to spend to much time with low level implementation.


  • I am the author of Charrua DICOM ToolKit, and I think you are missing some points:

    1. CDTK has a double license scheme, GPL and commercial.
    2. CDTK is not the complete CharruaSoft DICOM Library, but a small sample of it.
    3. K-PACS is not using CDTK but DICOMDLL, DICOMDLL is based on my DICOM Library.
    4. I have a special arrangement with Andreas Knopke and Image Systems for the use of DICOMDLL.
    5. I think I am the only one that can enforce the GPL license on any derivatives from CDTK.

    Rafael Sanguinetti