K-PACS how to's: burning patient CD's

  • I managed to get the StudyID to be input at the workstation level (the machine that receives the scan from the AC-3CS unit). Series Number may not have actually been put into the Dicom standard until after this unit was built (95, I think).

    Would it be possible to add the ability to K-PACS to edit these for the images, so they could be resubmitted to the database server?

    (I'm going to have to go back through and find out exactly what SeriesNumber and StudyID are supposed to be in the DICOM standard, that way we don't put in random numbers and screw something up)

    Thanks for the help.


  • hi, We have a K-pacs user who can't read the CD burned.
    The Burning processing is working OK. When he want to read the cd on a computer, he can't do it.
    He try with several CD's and pc's but it still.
    The IQ-viewer is selected in the burning process...
    Have you an idea about this?
    Xavier Beckers

  • The viewer on the k-pacs does not show all the images and I get the following error when I try to burn a CD/DVD

    Error Creating DICOMDIR. The DICOMDIR process failed because of DICOM file incompliancy

    I really need to solve these issues as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your help,,

  • Data will not fit on medium
    Hello AndreasKnopke!
    I use the K-Pacs 1.6 with no problems, but since yesterday I'm getting the following error when I try to burn a CD (from menu export / Burn on CD / DVD)
    "Data will not fit on medium!
    Please remove parts of the project or insert a disc with more free space."

    If I use the buttom "Create CD Project" on menu "export: Burn on CD / DVD" and after I burn the "Project folder" with any burning soft, I can see the study into the CD, but I can't burn from de K-Pacs.
    What could be the problem?
    (sorry for my bad english)
    Thank's for your help!

  • I'm having trouble. I installed kpacs on some new computer the same way we currently have but for some reason we I go to burn cd when the dialog box pops up it states no images. I can dicom ping the servers. I Checked AE title, IP Address and port are all the same. Any ideas?

  • Hi Andreas and Gang,
    I have been an avid user of your K-pacs Dicom client and love the smooth interface. I use it to load MRI images and burn them on a CD-R, mainly, or to view them on the console ( none for any interpretation or so other legal stuff, be assured).
    Recently, I had to upgrade to a new PC and since then, have lots of K-pacs related issues. I can download data but cannot burn it.
    I was looking at your site for kpacs downlaoader but cannot find any. I did find iQ-system pacs etc. but did not know if these are like the Kpacs .

    Also, having problems seeing the dicom images on the pacs... it says missing dicomdll.dll file, even though it is there.
    The burnt CD-R cannot open after burning to view.
    What am I missing?
    Please advice.
    I truly appreciate this.
    Raj Sangoi
    845 398 5416

  • The K-PACS software is several years old already and neither the software itself nor the installer were created with the new operating systems in mind. Therefore, installing K-PACS on Windows 7 or higher can lead to issues related to user permissions. This may also be the case on your new computer. Make sure to install the software under administrator permissions. Better use a folder for the installation that handles user permissions more freely than the Program Files folder, e.g. install K-PACS directly under C:\. If necessary set the permissions for the installation folder and the database/imagebox folder (if moved elsewhere) so that every user can access, read and write.

    Also using a 64 bit OS may create issues. K-PACS is a 32 bit software that cannot fully handle 64 bit systems due to the use of old components for development. So, for instance, you may only see empty study tabs in the viewer, where normally you would see patient information.

    So, while you can try using K-PACS on the newer OS, it is correct that you may have to deal with different issues.

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