• Hello! Im new in this word. I have an Echocardiograph Philips and I want to sent over the network my studies to the K-PACS program

    I install the sofware. Someone can help me how to do that? I Know how to enter in the setup of the echo and go to the DICOM settings but then, I dont really know how to continue


  • Hello,

    I am not an expert but I just want to say that I can help you with sending your echocardiograph studies over the network to the K-PACS program. Here's a step-by-step guide:

    1. Ensure that your Echocardiograph Philips and the computer running the K-PACS program are connected to the same network.
    2. Access the setup menu of your echocardiograph. Navigate to the DICOM settings section. You may need to refer to the user manual or documentation of your specific echocardiograph model for instructions on accessing the setup menu.
    3. In the DICOM settings, you'll need to configure the following information:
      • DICOM Network: Enter the IP address or hostname of the computer running the K-PACS program.
      • DICOM Port: Specify the port number used by the K-PACS program for DICOM communication. The default port is usually 104.
    4. Save the DICOM settings on your echocardiograph. This will ensure that it is configured to send studies to the specified K-PACS program.
    5. Launch the K-PACS program on your computer. Make sure it is configured to receive DICOM studies. Refer to the K-PACS documentation or user manual for instructions on how to set up the program for receiving studies.
    6. On your echocardiograph, select the study or studies you want to send to K-PACS. You may need to navigate to the study management section or a similar menu on the echocardiograph to select the studies.
    7. Initiate the transfer of the selected studies from the echocardiograph to K-PACS. This process may vary depending on your echocardiograph model. Look for options such as "Send," "Transfer," or "Export" to start the transfer process.
    8. The echocardiograph will establish a connection with the K-PACS program and send the selected studies over the network. The progress of the transfer may be displayed on the echocardiograph's screen.
    9. Once the transfer is complete, you should be able to see the studies in the K-PACS program on your computer. You can then view, analyze, and manage the echocardiograph studies within the K-PACS software.

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