Export Converters Queue Management

  • Hello

    1. When there is too many incoming patients, single Exportconverter queue patients and slow connections queue getting bigger then last imcoming patient might need to priority like Emergency Patients.

    2. Some internet connections unstable and has slow response time. Example max speed 100mbit but at start begin with 2 mbit then 1 seconds later its getting max speeed. When conquest start to send file sending file with 2mbit until its get 100mbit sending were already complated.

    because files are small size 50k~512kb .

    Usualy Conquest can use %25 of max bandwith. Paralel sent will help to use max bandwith;

    For effective exporting need to paralel exporting with additional paramater like

    ExportConverterStudy0 = 3 (Paralel study send)

    ExportConverterImages0 = 3 ( Paralel image send per study)

    or in dicom.ini

    ExportStudy = 3 (Paralel study send)

    ExportStudyImages = 3 ( Paralel image send per study)

    ExportConverters hold proccess memory and ExportConverter file. rather it database table can help to manage queue.

    like deleting from queue and giving priorty. Ofcourse there will need to another Tab in GUI for view and manage.

    Right now i manage this with multiple instances and multiple entery in Modalities. Modalities self control for using entry to devide load. like sending to AE1 104 , AE2 105, AE3 106 but still easy mess up.

    Sometimes they sending old dates patients amount 10k patients that time hard to manage Export works.

  • Hi,

    are you using immediate (forward to) or delayed (forward study to) export converters? They behave quite differently.

    The former can run up to 20 or so different one at the same time with up to 20 channels each. The latter go through 1 queue but multiple workers can be set to process the queue.

    It should be possible to make the queues work with database tables, the same code is used for all queues in dgate.cpp (process_queue, new_queue, into_queue, into_queue_unique). I have little time to do that though.

    In 1.5.0c (once I have the xxxx socket code fixed), there is code to run C-MOVEs in parallel as well.


  • I am were didnt test or put 1.5.0c to hopsitals

    Hospitals are 1.4.17d its queune sending 1 channel one image flow and it forward to mode sending in to out immidietly

    Its might good change by .ini for site specific setup

    İ know its will take time but i can help in development also

    İ am good php, js

    Still can do things in c++, c#, java

    Also i would show you my RIS (own develeoped)

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