Hidden Features

  • Hello Marcel,

    I was in the delphi community compiling the GUI source, I realized that there are some interesting features that I didn't know about, is there any documentation of them?

    how can i use or activate these tabs?

    I'm talking about the tabs: Archiving, Tape backup, Weekly Checks.

    thanks for help :)

  • backsubzero

    Changed the title of the thread from “Hidedd Features” to “Hidden Features”.
  • Hi,

    these are activated by creating their configuration files, jukebox.ini, tapebackup.ini and weeklychecks.ini; can be empty.

    They were used to store data in a DVD jukebox, make tape backups of DVDs and do weekly consistency checks. I think the tab pages will give some information. They are not documented to limit the amount of support I must give. I am not sure they still work either. The jukebox system was decomissioned in 2008 I think. Tape backup depends on an external program that I do not have anymore.

    Weeklychecks uses dgate -- commands and may still be of relevance.


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