Refused to enter inconsistent link PatientID into DICOMStudies

  • Hi Marcel,

    thank you very much for your gigantic work on the conquestdicom server, which makes our days really easy in our orthopaedic office.

    When importing or re-importing dicom files, I see a problem that inconsistent data are not stored. I understand that this is not a mistake but an important feature.

    But, are there any possibilities to store these file, even if they do not fit the requirements? Like same PatientID, but different names?

    Is there a way to make a new PatientID that has no conflict to the old? There are several situations where problems like this occur´. We integrate dicom files from different MR/CT offices and by chance 2 different patients have the same ID. My big problem is, that this error is not always reflected to the sending workstation or seen by the nurse and so data may be missing at the end of the day.

    20220624 21:39:55 ***Refused to enter inconsistent link PatientID into DICOMStudies: PatientID = '2443715' StudyInsta = '1.2.840.113619.', Old='0002443715', Refused='2443715'

    20220624 21:39:55 ***Error saving to SQL: 2443715\

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    there is a RejectedImageConverter0. You can use it to store the images somewhere, or try to fix the issue and do a retry. E.g.


    Here genuids() replaces all UIDs (like in anonymisation). You could even query for the correct patient ID instead.


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