Conquest and firewalls: Can I use C-GET from Conquest UI, and how can I set Query Info Model?

  • Dear All,

    I am a newbie here. Please pardon me if this has been covered already, but I tried searching and did not find what I needed.

    As background: I have some Siemens MR systems (e.g. Trio) which run Windows XP. The network people put these on a firewalled network, with limited communication. From the 'normal' network it is allowed to established at least some connection into this firewalled network, but from the firewalled network no connections can be initiated. This means:

    1) I cannot send _from_ these systems

    2) While I can do many things from outside the firewalled network (echo, query), move will fail.

    The failure of C-Move is due to the process where a reverse connection is made, i.e. the system on the firewalled network will try to connect back to make the data transfer. This is not allowed from the firewalled network.

    C-GET, however, should work. Except that it is unsupported by Siemens. :rolleyes:

    What we have done is add a PC to the firewalled network to run an instance of Conquest. The MR system can transfer data to this with no problem (as it is all within the firewalled network). From the normal network, C-GET (i.e. using DCMTK getscu.exe) succeeds in bringing over the data. So this works, but is not very user friendly.

    It would be a little more user friendly if I could get an instance of e.g. Conquest on the normal network and have it use C-GET to bring the data over. However I see no setting for this, and have the impression that it is not supported. But I thought I would ask here just to be sure, or for recommendations of other DICOM software that support C-GET through a reasonably user friendly UI.

    An additional problem is that I would preferably like to control everything from the normal network. In principle, Conquest allows me to set a destination for data transfer. Thus from my Conquest (on the normal network) I can ask the MR system to transfer data to my other Conquest (on the firewalled system). But this fails, with an error related to "Incompatible Query Info Model". I can do this with DCMTK movescu.exe, using the -P switch to force using the patient root model. But I can't seem to make Conquest do this, regardless of the settings of query level. Is there any way to set this to work?

    All help appreciated,


  • OK, so now that I RTFM, I have achieved the move that I needed. I needed to follow the instructions on page 18 by double clicking on the label next to the series number box, which switches over to using UIDs. Then a search, click on the UID of the study I want, and then copying to destination works!

    So now, if I could only use Conquest for C-GET, I would be able to do all I need from within Conquest...

  • Hi,

    you can script a c-get from lua with dicomget(). Maybe you can play with that? You could potentially query the firewalled conquest lets say every 10 minutes (with dicomquery) and than c-get any new data. The hardest part is defining what is new, but if these are all fresh studies you could use date and time of the scans.


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