Access Denied on Server 2012

  • Hi Marcel,

    Hoping you can help with this one. I have Conquest running as a service on a Server 2012 box. It seems we have a rogue US modality that is crashing the service, but it only happens when the device is being started up. In the Windows event viewer in the application logs, I can see that dgate.exe is the faulting app and in the application logs, it's stopping with an "Access Denied" error.

    I elevated the logging to 4 and this is the result.

    6/6/2022 1:52:26 PM [RCISR] Invalid message in PDU:Multiplex

    6/6/2022 1:52:26 PM [RCISR] ***No valid presentation contexts/transfer syntax found in 0 candidates

    6/6/2022 1:52:26 PM [RCISR] ***In 0 presentation contexts

    6/6/2022 1:52:26 PM [RCISR] ***#Possible transfer syntaxes: 0

    6/6/2022 1:52:26 PM [RCISR] no transfer syntax could be negotiated

    6/6/2022 1:52:26 PM [RCISR] *** multiplex: connection terminated

    Any suggestions?


  • Hi,

    crashes are extremely rare.

    Are you willing to (temporarily) run a debug version of the server to see where the crash happens? I use visual studio 2008 as debugger which is free.


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