Auto Query Retrieve

  • Hi,

    Happy New Year 2022.

    I have a requirement on Auto Query retrieve

    When the study arrived at conquest, conquest should automatically query the sender for the study's priors. this query should happen automatically after the study is received.

    How to achieve this with conquest?



  • Page 60. You run it to transfer data associated with an incoming image to the server. "now" refers to +/- nnn days from today, age +/- nnn days from the image date.

    E.g. "get study from PACS age -365-001" gets all studies between 1 and 365 days older than the incoming data.


  • Thanks. I will give it a try with this.

    Now the question with forwarding operations.

    What are the syntaxes to forward studies for the below use cases,

    1) we would be collecting studies (studyinstanceuids) from UI and triggering forward studies with the conquest service, what's syntax or script to trigger this for a group of studyinstanceuids.

    2) Auto forward, as soon as study is received, we would want to push the study to the list of servers



  • Hi,

    1) use a batch file dgate --movestudy, or a lua script.

    --movestudy:source,dest,patid:studyuid Move study, patid: optional

    2) forward commands as listed extensively in the manual


  • Hi Marcel,

    I understand that export converters are triggered by incoming images.

    Manual export like sending forward commands to dgate service via lua script would have any effect on the export converters?.

    basically i need to log the files being sent in lua script or through external program with manual export.

    I could do it in the export converter for incoming images, but when study is being triggered from outside, i would like to get the logging done.

    Please advise.



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