Query/Retrieve Fails When Attempting To Move Ultrasound Studies from PACS System

  • Hi,

    I'm having problems configuring my Conquest server so that it can query/retrieve ultrasound studies from the Philips Intellispace Cardiovascular v1.2 PACS system.

    I can successfully use CONQUEST to query the PACS system as well as push/receive CT studies from the PACS system but when I attempt to retrieve ultrasound studies, I receive a "dicommove error" on the CONQUEST server. On the PACS server side, I get the following message:-

    QRSd: PixMan::Uninitialize: Unable to release callback for Pixel Manager with Application ID XXXX and MC_ATT_PIXEL_DATA <7fe00010>. MergeCOM error: <Application ID parameter is invalid>

    DICOM Network SCU Library: Unable to convert file: D:\XXXXXX, Service Name: STANDARD_US_MF and Transfer Syntax: 1.2.840.10008.

    DICOM Network SCU Library: Converter status: 50006

    DICOM Network SCU Library: Conversion from existing transfer syntax not supported

    To remedy this error, I've tried altering the configuration settings on the ACRNEMA.MAP so that the DICOM nodes associated with the PACS system can accommodate the transfer syntax it requires (i.e. changing the compression to j3) but I still get the same error message(s) from both the PACS system and CONQUEST server.

    Is there anything else I can try to resolve the issue?


    P.S. I can provide further information to troubleshoot the issue if required.

  • Hi,

    1.2.840.10008. is a jpeg compression. Apparantly you are asking the US to decompress it, which it refuses to do. Try enabling explicit and jpeg syntaxes on conquest, this move the decompression (if that is what is configured) to the conquest side.


  • Thanks Marcel for your suggestion.

    I did enable the explicit and jpeg syntaxes options on CONQUEST but I was still encountering the same issue as before.

    However, I was able to resolve by the issue by putting in place the following:-

    • Checking the Enable Explicit & JPEG Transfersoption on the Configuration page
    • Checking the Keep JPEG & Uncompressed option within the Images on Disk are Stored section of the Configuration page
    • Changing the ACRNEMA.MAP configuration so that compression setting of the DICOM nodes associated with both CONQUEST and the Intellispace PACS system were all set to un

    Thanks again for your help,

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