• Hello,

    We've recently begun having difficulty moving studies from a GE PACS to our local conquest server (1.5.0b). Queries still function correctly. Our research workflow does not involve frequently moving images, and our conquest server is still configured as when we last did this. We would like to eliminate the possibility of a problem on our end before we expand our attempt to resolve this.

    When we attempt to move a study, we get a remote DICOM error with DESTINATION_HOST_NOT_REACHABLE.

    What exactly does this error indicate in the context where queries are still working as expected?

    Is there any possibility we have a configuration problem on the conquest side?

    Thank you for your assistance and your efforts developing this excellent software.

  • Hi,

    this could be:

    a change of IP address of your conquest server

    a change in firewall between GE and conquest

    a change of settings in GE.

    The GE system looks up ip and port of CONQUEST in its own configuration and then tries to send it there.


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