re-initialize vs regen single mag device

  • Infrequent user here, sorry of the question is very basic.

    I have a functioning conquest server, ver 14.1.19b. I added some DICOM images which had been archived into the main folder. After I used the "Regen single device" function in the GUI, I noticed many images were not added to the database. The maintenance log does not show record of these particular patient IDs. They are valid DICOMs which I can open with K-Pacs directly.

    Do I need to use the (RE)-initialize database or "Clear image database" functions in the GUI?

    What would cause these to not be added to the conquest sqlite database? I checked the permissions on the folders and they are fine.


  • Hi,

    not sure why. Regen skips some folders, incoming, printer_files, and bin. Are these images there?

    there is no difference otherwise. Are there error messages in the log? Sometimes images are conflicting and cannot be loaded


  • Many thanks, Marcel. I really appreciate your excellent program and support. We have been using it since 2006.

    As it turns out I am missing several DICOMs from a specific period. I was able to create a list of them by parsing old log files from 2014.

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