How to automatically run a software after receiving a all the images of a study (exam)?

  • Hello,

    I just installed the Conquest Dicom server and it can receive images of a study (exam) acquired from scanner now.

    I would like to make this Dicom server to automatically :

    1. copy the images of the study to a folder

    2. start a program, say myApp.exe, AFTER all the images of the study have been received,

    I copied myApp.exe into the Dicom server folder and added following at the end of the dicom.ini file:

    # Configuration of rules to modify, log or reject incoming DICOM slices

    ImportConverters = 1

    ImportModality0 = MR

    ImportConverter0 = mkdir D:\temp\PACS\Incoming\%V0008,0050\; copy %f to D:\temp\PACS\Incoming\%V0008,0050\%f.dcm

    ExportConverters = 1

    ExportModality0 = MR

    ExportConverter0 = myApp.exe D:\temp\PACS\Processed\%V0008,0050

    After sending a study to this server, the problems are found:

    a. no file is copied as expected

    b. myApp.exe is triggered after receiving each image.

    Could anyone help?

    Thank you!


  • instead of

    copy %f to D:\temp\PACS\Incoming\%V0008,0050\%f.dcm


    save dcm as D:\temp\PACS\Incoming\%V0008,0050\%f.dcm

    and use:

    process study by myApp.exe D:\temp\PACS\Processed\%V0008,0050


  • A further question: how to add current date and time as a subfolder name?

    For example:

    I used the command

    ImportConverter0 = mkdir D:\temp\PACS\Incoming\%V0008,0050\%d

    The folder is D:\temp\PACS\Incoming\474199019\Fri, Jan .

    Is there any way to control the format of %d, make it as yyyymmddhhmmss ?

    Thank you!

  • Thank you!

    I have never used lua in dicom.ini before.

    I tried following, but not working.


    mydate ='%Y'..'/%m/'..'%d')

    ExportConverter1 = mkdir D:\temp\PACS\Processed\%V0010,0020\%V0020,0010\%mydate%;


    ExportConverter1 = mkdir D:\temp\PACS\Processed\%V0010,0020\%V0020,0010\ works.

  • Try this:


    Association = local mydate

    ImportConverter0 ='%Y'..'/%m/'..'%d'); script("mkdir D:\temp\PACS\Processed\%V0010,0020\%V0020,0010\"..mydate);

    ImportConverter1 = Data:Write("D:\temp\PACS\Processed\%V0010,0020\%V0020,0010\"..mydate..Data.SOPInstanceUID);

    Export converters run asynchronous, so you cannot rely on any order, I would avoid using lua in them. script() runs a 'normal' import converter

    Or call a dofile to run an external script file.


  • Hi Marcel,

    Before I read your reply, I wrote a windows batch script for this purpose and called the script in the ExportConverter.

    Thank you very much for providing the lua solution!

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