OEC 9800 memory error

  • Hello Marcel,

    The OEC 9800 runs without any problem on my old server with an older version of Conquest.

    I have a new server with the latest version of Conquest.

    When I try to send an image to Conquest from the OEC 9800, a memory error occurs on the OEC 9800 that I am told is caused by either the OEC 9800 is being scanned for security or Conquest is trying to install something to the OEC 9800. The OEC 9800 has to be restarted.

    Is Conquest trying to install something onto the OEC 9800 that would cause the OEC 9800 to get a memory error?

    Thank You

  • Hi,

    Conquest does not install anything. Can you try to temporarily disable JPEG support on the new server (that was off by default on older servers). This option allows the OEC 9800 machine to send compressed data if it wants, and maybe it crashes on that.


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