Moving study to different server

  • Hello

    Few years ago we've bought automatic burner with very poor software for dicom CD/DVD burning - it waits for some amount of time for next scan in study or breaking connection. It worked until we've got new MR. Now we've got problem because of broken, not full studies - sometimes there are even only few from thousands but sometimes all. I want to try to use Conquest to aggregate full study and automatically send it after that to this poorly programmed software or copy to some location - it uses ftp2dicom internally (localhost).

    Does Exportconverter0 = forward xxxx work this way or it sends data immediately (scan by scan)?

  • Hi

    ExportConverters =2

    ExportConverter0 = forward to AE #works immediately

    ExportConverter1 = forward study to AE after NN #works delayed NN seconds after last image of study recieved.


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