Automatic Push of Old Scans to Workstations

  • Hi

    I wanted whenever a study of Patient A is performed and received on PACS then PACS Server should forward current and old scans on basis of modality or all scans to designated workstations. The server can start pushing studies to designated workstations at time when there are no scans.

    This will reduce data pulling time for doctors and Reporting TAT will be reduced.


  • Yes, but that would be a manual operation.

    From the manual:

    The ‘forward patient to ’ option is a 10 minutes (configurable though ForwardCollectDelay, or using
    the 'after' clause) delayed forward of the entire patient study (entire study or series can be handled in
    the same way) to another server. I.e., even if a single image is received, the entire patient is forwarded.
    This is useful to ensure that all data at a given patient level is available when forwarding i.e., a new
    image to a viewer like k-PACS (needed for the typical situation where a physician would like to
    compare a new scan with older scans, giving fast access). It is also useful to ensure that all data is
    transmitted on a single association.

    You can be very prescriptive in what you forward with its many clauses.

    forward [patient|study|series|image] forward command full syntax:

    [compressed as xx] set compression
    [date yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd] filter absolute series date range (any study)
    [now -ddd+ddd] filter series date range from now (any study)
    [age -ddd+ddd] filter series date range from passed series (any study)
    [modality mm] filter modality (any study)
    [imagetype xxxx] filter image type (this study)
    [seriesdesc xxxx] filter series description (this study)
    [study xxx] filter studyUID (any series)
    [series xxx] filter seriesUID (any study)
    [sop xxxx] filter sop (any study)
    [split N/M] send subset N(0..M-1) of 1/M images (1.5.0)
    [after NN] collect delay in seconds from last image
    to AE destination
    [script “....”] must be last: script to run on sent objects (“ optional)


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