Regeneration of Database

  • HI

    I had masde some changes in dicom.sql file. In order to implement the change, a database rebuild is required. Its not possible for me to rebuild an archive of 75TB. Can you advise me how can i implement the new changes without regeneration and its implemented at the same time.

    And if i want to implement on old data what should i do???


  • Hi,

    First do this on a test server please.

    Make sure the new fields are not at the beginning or the end in each database in dicom.sql. Then manually add the fields using your DB admin software. Note that the name should be truncated to 10 characters in the SQL database.

    After this, the server should still run, but the new fields are empty.

    To update the fields you can regenerate a subset of the data - without clearing the database; e.g. with button "regen single device" or command line options -ar (regen device) or -fr (regen folder on device). Please try this all on a test server first and backup your database.


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