Block certain studies from Query

  • Hi

    I wanted some studies to be marked as private and no one can access those studies until their status is changed back to public.

    For this purpose, i created a new column in table dicomstudies with the name and datatype as follow:- status varchar (1) and with default value 'A'. The field has 2 values only A = Active or B = Blocked.

    I wanted whenever a query is made to PACS Server user gets studies that are with the status A.

    Please share sample lua script for an idea and do guide me can i query multiple tables in lua , if yes sample script please.


  • Ok,

    You can use dbquery to read the study table, and you can use queryconverter0 to script the lua code that calls reject() for those sepecific studies,

    e.g. (untested)


    queryconverter0 = a=dbquery("DICOMStudies", "status", "StudyInst='"..(Data.StudyInstanceUID or 'xx').."'") if a[1][1]=='B' then reject() end


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