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  • Hi Marcel,

    Recently we are trying to change the Conquest source code to meet up our Dicom files storage requirements.

    I can set up the source code environment without any issues and made the required changes in the DGATE source code.

    Now I have a build issue while I build the C++ source code. Looks like it uses a CL compiler. I have indeed copied your C:\lang folder for build.

    But still, I have an issue with making DGate Build using the amake.bat file.

    Kindly help us to fix the build issue.

    Other questions on Conquest.

    1. Is Conquest good enough to handle our big customers who are having no of studies high per day?
    2. Is Conquest capable to store more studies/Any clean-up on MySQL Db already available or do we need to write scripts to do the DB clean-up?



  • Hi,

    Can you report the first build error? Current release uses msamd8 for 32 bits and intel12 for 64 bits. But ms8amd64 works too. Edit asetcompiler32.bat and/pr asetcompiler64.bat

    1) Yes but no approval nor warranty.

    2) You are responsible for DB maintenance. Joint indices speed it up qute a bit


  • Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have taken the latest build. I have placed MySQL files as you have instructed.

    Did the build and output.txt file attached

    Kindly check is everything ok with the build.

    One more question, which files I need to modify to have dicom storage folder like tree structure (studyuid->seriesui->sopuid)



  • It looks OK, except I see:

    LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'lua5.1.64.lib'

    for luasocket, but luasocket is no longer linked into the (64 bits) binary, so that should be OK. Other messages are as expected.

    The tree strcuture is set by a dicom.ini,parameter FileNameSyntax which can be a string like %studyuid\%seriesuid\%sopuid (please check manual for exeact documentation), so you do not need to change the source for that.


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