Getting started with DGATE development

  • GaryKibble

    Changed the title of the thread from “Getting started with DGATE developement” to “Getting started with DGATE development”.
  • The original library has a bit of documentation that is well outdated. It is in .HLP format that windows stopped supporting. If you have a way to read or convert .HLP I can share that. The main source is deivr.hpp/cpp to start at that level.

    Otherwise, I am afraid there is not much, and it has grown organically (many times minimal changes to avoid breaking things) so it is messy, e.g. there are several methods to do similar things on a dicomobject.

    I tend to program by example myself, e.g. find similar code to what I want to do. I also meticulously record, track and fix any bugs reported - making minimal changes.

    This style of coding resulted in an extremely reliable system, while based on a relatively poor quality library.

    What exactly do you want to achieve? Then I can give you better pointers.



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