view button link does not showed

  • Hi here is Marcelo from Ceará-Brazil, I install dicom server and test going well. But when I try to configure a web server 1.5.0a the button view doesnt appear. Just the push link is available on list of select studies. I'm able to access the web page and found studies list. I already try to use wamp and appserver but this problem persist. I have try to change config in dicom.ini but unsucessful

    Can anybody help with this simple(i believe) problem?

    Sorry some erros of english words.


  • maiscelo

    Changed the title of the thread from “clicking on the view link does not download” to “view button link does not showed”.
  • Marcel, thank for you reply. Bellow is the newweb dicom.ini. I think that when acccess web server the adress should be But I try to access trought the same erros occurs, the button view doesn't show. I appreciate your providential help.

    #mvh 20181229 for 1.5.0


    MicroPACS = sscscp

    ACRNemaMap =

    Dictionary = dgate.dic

    WebServerFor =

    TCPPort = 5678

    WebScriptAddress =

    WebCodeBase =

    TempDir = null


    size = 560

    dsize = 0

    compress = un

    iconsize = 84

    graphic = jpg

    readOnly = 0

    viewOnly = 0

    viewer = wadoseriesviewer

    studyviewer = wadostudyviewer


    source = *.lua


    source = start.lua


  • Marcel, let me try to explain again and solve some bias in explain myself. The path that you refer in last post htdocs/cgi-bin/newweb/dicom.ini doestn't have dicom.ini, so the list of parameters that I sent to you was from path webserver\cgi-bin\newweb. So I saw that the figure conquest.jpg in fist page of web page dont load, tend me to think that some thing is not right. The ActiveFormProj1.ocx is at path webserver\htdocs, if you figure out some relation or some explanation related to locatioin exact of files in path of the apache server I would like to know.



  • Marcel, in new web i found the viewer option in a drop down menu. This challenge I pass. Now i configure a weasis view and when I click the java jnlp runs open weasis portable, but don't show images. Any suggestion or hint to solve this issue?



  • Weasis 2.0.5 I just find this version on web. I don't understand what the folder htdocs inside folder webserver do and where i put it. Maybe is this step of configuration that I missing.

    If therer is other weasis version let me know Marcel.



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