Newbie whit Conquest.

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    In the last weeks I implemented a series of tools for a small hospital. Previously they had the iQRIS/PACS tool, but due to a budget they had to change to cheaper technologies. Now I implement Osirix MD for the visualization of studies through its web viewer. And we have a RIS system, and I have sent data through pasting code to MySQL tables successfully to different modalities. The Hospital has. US, XA, CR, DX, CT, RM, MG. I already managed to send a work list to DX, MG, US and MG. But I don't know how to start adding correct TAGS, scripts, or configurations data for XA, CT, MR. I have read a lot in the forums and mainly the responses of Marcel Vanherk. But the truth, I don't know what should be the first steps and the best ways to achieve my mission, I hope you can help me. I have seen that this community is very large and friendly. And I hope in the future also to be able to do something to help the community. Thank You All. And I Keep reading the forum. (Sorry bad English Im From México)

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    I already put that part on. In fact I originally put Conques and only US worked. Then I put that code and I put it in the start of the MySQL with Lua. And it works fine. But in a CR Dental I found this document with specifications and I want to see what I do in that situation.

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