server`s web interface

  • Hi,

    when trying to search pacs db and hit submit button on server`s web interface I`m getting;

    *** lua run error liststudies.lua:80: attempt to concatenate a nil value in 'dofile('liststudies.lua')'

    Any suggestions?

    I`m on ubuntu/conquest1.5

  • Hi,

    Maybe the server port in your cgi-bin/dicom.ini does not match the server. Or its database is not generated. Any errors in the server console?

    WebServerFor =

    TCPPort = 5678


  • After some experiment I finally can search pacs from search web page (

    but now I have problem with control web page (

    Although pacs is fully functional after reboot, initionally I can not reach control web page. Only after I run .../install/ it is reachable. But then I need to restart conquest service.

    Is there a way I can get page without running after every linux reboot ?

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