Move patients form old conquest server to new conquest 15 server

  • How to move patients form old conquest server 2015 (physical 14 TB) Cq1 to new Conquest 15 server Cq2, new machine of 200 TB free space.

    I found some lua demo code but I want to modify the code to work without input ID in txt file. Can help me someone?

    I tried something like that:

    *** nr 4 is nr of total patients in db for example

  • Yes, this variant is also possible. But I have another case where I need to transfer all patients from Conquest to an Orthanc PACS server who is not manage by me. So in this case how can i do ?


  • Hi,

    write a script or batch file that sends patients one by one. I use zerobrane studio to control conquest all the time. A move in lua looks like:




    dicommove(AEsource, AEtarget, x)

    which can be looped easily with the results from a query.

    In batch file it would be something like

    dgate(64) --movestudy:000000,,AEsource,AEtarget

    Use a code editor to write a line for each patient.


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