KPACS Configuration

  • Hi

    I recently download KPACS.

    I have a Surgery navigation Unit and it should ask a PACS server patients and then retreive them to reconstruct 3D image.

    Could somebody please briefly explain how I can configure and simulate? Do I have to put some patient data under Imagebox folder?

  • Looking for an easy to use and setup PACS system for a one off application that doesn't allow us to send DICOM directly to it. My idea is that from our primary PACS we can send to this new PACS server that will store images in a specific location. That location is monitored by the upload tool that will then upload images to the provider.

    Otherwise we would have to instruct users how to use the application. I just want to make this process easier for the end user.

    I have used K-PACS in the past but that seems to have morphed into a non-free edition called something else. Looking at a couple others but nothing that really sticks out.

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