Adding functionality MWL SCP (For example ORM HL7 Service) to project CONQUEST

  • Good day, Marcel!

    I want to ask you some questions:

    1. According to your answer: "Hi, there is no DICOM way of entering worklist entries. So best you can use database access tools to directly to copy worklist entries." So, is it possible to modify source code of conquest (some integrate or write code MWL SCP (with ORM HL7 Service)), such it can to process query for adding new worklist item in HL7 format as service (not in web and not by direct insert in database)? If it is possible, please, say me first step for start develop this improvment. I ready to write code for this.

    2. In conquest settings file i can set import converter for performing any external exe file or lua script after getting last study image to pacs. In windows, conquest can install as service. Can i modify src code such, that after getting study conquest service will send hl7 message in some ip:port by some timeout until from this external ip:port conquest receive submition about getting? (it is similar on message queue). Can you help me a few?:)

  • Hi,

    so you intend to create a modality worklist entry on one server when another server receives a study. Are both servers conquest?


    No, other server is our medical infrormation system(MIS) MED-Complete(it includes also functionality of radiological information system(RIS)). By this moment I made integration our MIS with your Conquest PACS server and in 5 hosptital it works fine. But current way is not perfect: 1. Doctor creates medical appointment in our system and then send it to Conquest Pacs Server (For this i create record in Conquest by direct query to database).

    2. So, also i developed exe file which i performs when study was received by Conquest. This exe file updates status of medical appointment in our system by direct query to database of MIS.

    3. By click this appointment doctor has opportunity to view study in web or automatically download this study and open in his computer (all this by one click - it is very comfortable)

    P.S. Problem in that: in during running of my exe file our database may be not accessing by many reasons, so status of appointment never not updates. That's why i need get submittion from mis about receiveing this side. Hope you understand me.

    In plans this month - make CAMI (Based on conquest) - Central Archive Medical Images - for union hospitals bases in one LAN.

  • Hi,

    1) I guess you can use dgate --addlocalfile:file.hl7 to load a HL7 message, possibly triggered from a web page. It uses "Webserverfor", and "port" in dicom.ini to define the target server.

    2) I guess the issue is that you want some form of retry; i.e. some queue is necesary.


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