C-Move Retry

  • Here's the command I'm running in a batch for loop:

    dgate64.exe -v --movestudy:AETITLE1,AETITLE2,"!Line[%%i]!" --debuglog_on:"debug.log" --debuglevel:4

    When I was running it on its own I would see 0 and 1 as an output, when I threw it in the for loop now the only output I see is "Move failed from AETITLE1" and nothing else. I suppose I could try and add in something to look for that message and retry?

    Also the -v and debuglog stuff doesn't seem to output to the screen - not sure what I'm missing there.

  • Hi,

    the c-move runs in the server, not the dgate64 in the command line, so your debug statements have no effect. And yes, you would have to capture the output and act on that. Of course, you can also write a Lua script that calls dicommove().


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