Lua PostgreSQL connection problem.

  • Hello,

    We need an external lua script to query a postgres DB to change some DICOM tags. This script will be called inside DICOM.ini. I would appreciate if please let us know to connect and query DB in the script.

    Best Regards,

    Haluk Celikel

  • Hello Marcel,

    We are writing ImportConverter to change some DICOM Tags and we need to connect and query a postgre database other than conquest uses.

    Can we install external library like luasql-postgre or pgmoon into Conquest Server, or how to use external libraries or what should we do? :/

    Thanks in advange for all your help,


  • Hi,

    if must create a folder clibs in the folder where conquest dicom server is, and place your libraries there. Then the paths should be setup correctly. I used luasql_mysql with success (quite some while ago), as well as other libraries (cd and iup). Your database driver dlls (windows) should be copied to the same folder. You can use the ones in the conquest distribution.


  • Hi,

    Thank you Marcel, we did not find luasql_postgres library files to put clibs folder, but solved our problem by creating a table into same db with Conquest's and querying it with dbquery() function as you said before.



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