Some tags in DICOM header not visible by Conquest don't get anonymized

  • Hi!

    I was trying to use Conquest 1.4.19b @ win7 x64 to anonymize several hundred studies. At first my idea was to send the studies to Conquest and anonymize them one by one, and after some testing I found out that our MRI device has several tags in DICOM heders that contain patient name, ID and study date.

    It appears that our PACS also does not know what to do with them, and I believe that "private" tags are a rule of the game, not exception in DICOM headers. One can find a whole lot of stuff in front of the image...

    Since dgate.dic does not describe them, they are treated as "unknown" and not changed during anonymization.

    So I have added these tags to gate.dic as follows (in respective order):

    (0029,1009) VERS="4" VR="LO" VM="1" Keyword="StudyDate" Name="Study Date"

    (0029,1019) VERS="4" VR="LO" VM="1" Keyword="SeriesDate" Name="Series Date"

    (0031,0010) VERS="4" VR="LO" VM="1" Keyword="PatientID" Name="Patient ID"

    (0033,1004) VERS="4" VR="CS" VM="1" Keyword="StudyDescription" Name="Study Description"

    (0033,1013) VERS="4" VR="PN" VM="1" Keyword="PatientName" Name="Patient’s Name"

    Now the Conquest can interpret the tags correctly, but this does not help me a lot, because I could not get it to remove/change data in these tags, not even using "Modify" tool from gui.

    Also, I also would like to know do I need to state filenamesyntax when I want to use anonymize_script.lua to anonymize the incoming data (adding it to dicom.ini)? What happens if I only say I want anonymization for incoming data and leave FileNameSyntax = 4?



  • Hi,

    in lua/anonymize_script.lua, you will find:

    local TagsToRemove = {

    "InstanceCreatorUID", "InstitutionAddress", "ReferringPhysicianAddress", "ReferringPhysicianTelephoneNumbers",

    "StationName", "StudyDescription", --[["SeriesDescription",]] "InstitutionalDepartmentName",

    "PhysiciansOfRecord", "NameOfPhysiciansReadingStudy", "OperatorsName", "AdmittingDiagnosesDescription",

    "DerivationDescription", "OtherPatientIDs", "OtherPatientNames", "PatientAge",

    "PatientSize", "PatientWeight", "MedicalRecordLocator", "EthnicGroup",

    "Occupation", "AdditionalPatientHistory", "DeviceSerialNumber", "ProtocolName",

    "ImageComments", "RequestAttributesSequence", "ContentSequence", "StorageMediaFileSetUID",

    "PatientInsurancePlanCodeSequence", "PatientBirthName", "PatientAddress", "InsurancePlanIdentification",

    "PatientMotherBirthName", "MilitaryRank", "BranchOfService", "RegionOfResidence",

    "PatientTelephoneNumbers", "PatientComments", "StudyComments", "ScheduledPerformingPhysicianName",

    "PerformingPhysicianIdentificationSequence", "OtherPatientIDsSequence" }

    Here you can add, e.g. on the last line,

    "PerformingPhysicianIdentificationSequence", "OtherPatientIDsSequence", "0033,1013" }

    And any other items not in dgate.dic. I would restore dgate.dic as was.


  • Hi Marcel,

    Well, that was fast and right on the money.

    I mean, I have contacted the vendor of the MRI, HIS, RIS and PACS, and only one responded (with "It is not our tag"), while I am waiting for other guys, you already have a solution.

    Marcel, If I ever come in Manchester or wherever you are, you (and Lambert) have a beer or two from me.

    Thank you,


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