Win7 - AppServ/Conquest website needs login

  • I have installed conquest dicomserver and appserv and up to here everything as expected. Copied the cgi-bin from dicomserver to appserv/www.

    When opening localhost/cgi-bin/dgate.exe website says Error 403, needs login. Opening the default index.php from appserve in folder www works fine.

    Where is my fault?


  • Windows 7 pro 64

    AppServ default index.php says:

    About AppServ Version 8.6.0 for Windows
    AppServ is a merging open source software installer package for Windows includes :

    Apache Web Server Version 2.4.25
    PHP Script Language Version 5.6.30 & 7.1.1
    MySQL Database Version 5.7.17
    phpMyAdmin Database Manager Version 4.6.6

  • Found this error in apache error log:
    [Thu Apr 19 09:44:12.455572 2018] [authz_core:error] [pid 1792:tid 1064] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: C:/AppServ/Apache24/cgi-bin

    Copied folder cgi-bin from */www to AppServ/Apache24

    Seems to work now

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