IMAGE for Apple users??

  • Hello and thank you in advance for assistance rendered. I hope someone can help me.

    My husband recently had a brain MRI completed and we received a copy of the CD from our MRI provider. An academic nerd by nature, I've spent several hours teaching myself all about MRI's, reading, interpretation, etc., so that I might ask my husband's medical providers intelligent questions. They have been so helpful as we've struggled with a number of cerebral, optical, and sinus issues, the last thing I want to do is waste their time. (Please know I'm NOT that patient who thinks she can self-diagnose. I just don't want to look stupid and want to be able to converse with a basic level of comprehension.)

    Unfortunately, I am unable to open / access the information from his most recent MRI as the software requires a Microsoft Operating System.

    Is there any way to access the IMAGE's MRI information with Apple products? All I have is an Apple MacBook Pro.

    Again, my thanks in advance. My husband and I have only been married for 18 months, but in that limited time, he's experienced a TIA, underwent a coronary angiogram, emergency surgery to repair nine retinal tears in one eye, and a second surgery in his other eye to prevent further retinal tears. One neurologist also recently advised him that he may need about $100k in surgery relating to a severely deviated septum which I believe has impacted the optic nerve. He may also have a small tumor near his pituitary gland. The more knowledge I can acquire, the better I can prepare us for the long-term. Thank you!

  • Sorry to hear about your husband's health issues.

    Depending on how the patient medium was created, there may be web content on the medium as well. Look for a web page file (by default INDEX.HTM) or for images in non-DICOM format (e.g. JPEG or PNG) in the folder structure on the medium. This may enable you to take a look at the medical images in non-diagnostic form without using the viewer burned onto the medium.

    Otherwise, you may use a Windows emulation for MacOS on your Apple device and start the application in an emulated Windows environment.

    Good luck for you and your husband.

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