DICOM server 1.4.19b bug fixes and updates

  • There were no such characters in the patients name.

    I think that the conversion of Russian characters into UTF and their subsequent transliteration into English is wrong ... The names of the folders are formed incorrectly (I use the name of the patient in the name of the folder where the received images are placed)

  • Hi Bomberbug,

    Green image: if the image is not decompressed, it should not be touched at all, so 'UJ' should not give green images, unless the viewer is wrong. Of course, it may be that another viewer forces another compression method when talking directly to the US.

    US -?-> conquest --> viewer

    US -?---------------> viewer; are ? the same images?

    Characters: conquest does not support UTF internally; I would suggest not to use patient name as folder.


  • Just wondering if someone succeed to install with the web installer on linux ?

    So far on a fresh unbuntu 16.04 server (on a proxmox container) :

    When I reach the webpage I can compile everything except dgate. It seems to fail silently.

    Not that if I use maklinux instead it success.

    Any idea ?

  • Hi Marcel,

    I think I start to have an OK step by step install guide for ubuntu 16.04 (not using webinstall), is there a way I can share that or help to update the linux guide ?

    conquest + postgresql

  • Yes i though so too and probably kinda related. However if i use the default db. It says it compiled (turn to yes) but impossible to start the server. Where would the resulting dgate be ? In the distribution directory ?

  • Hi,

    it needs to wind up in the server folder as shown on the screen. It compiles here:

    '-o '..server..'src/dgate/build/dgate

    And [Done] under the compilation window does:

    'cp '..server..'src/dgate/build/dgate '..server)

    This is the final compile line:

    All the source code for the web based installer is in 'install/service.lua'.



  • I think i will give up the webinstaller for now, I need things to be done and the standard install works smoothly anyway.

    Here is a step by step install that works for me :

    Install for Ubuntu 16.04 server | Conquest 1419b | Postgresql

    Install the dependencies

    apt-get update

    apt-get install build-essential g++ apache2 libpq-dev postgresql unzip -y

    Enable cgi on apache

    a2enmod cgi

    service apache2 restart

    Setup postgresql for conquest

    su - postgres



    postgres (type the password twice)


    createdb conquest


    Download and unzip conquest

    wget http://ingenium.home.xs4all.nl…rver/dicomserver1419b.zip

    unzip dicomserver1419b.zip

    rm dicomserver1419b.zip

    Fix the “min” bug

    wget…?attachment/78-qrsop-zip/ -O qrsop.zip

    unzip qrsop.zip

    rm qrsop.zip

    mv qrsop.cxx ./distribution/src/dgate/dicomlib/qrsop.cxx

    Build conquest

    cd distribution

    chmod 777 maklinux


    (Choose 2 for postgres)

    Generate database

    ./dgate -v -r

    Test conquest

    ./dgate -v

    Install as daemon

    cd /etc/systemd/system

    nano conquest.service

    (In ExecStart= change conquest directory to suit your installation)

    Enable daemon

    systemctl start conquest.service

    systemctl enable conquest.service

    systemctl status conquest.service


    If you need to change conquest AE Title or port :

    You need to update the dicom.ini and arcnema.map files accordingly in the distribution folder of conquest and in the cgi folder located in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/newweb/

    to be able to still use the conquest webpage.

  • Thanks!

    any feedback on the web installer is welcome as well.


    What was your working environment when you test the webinstaller ? I will try to reproduce or find the differences with my installation.

    I guess need to implement an out of the box way to authenticate the webpage. I'm not too encline to leave it open on the network. The go to way for now would be to add simple password from apache ?

  • Hi,

    I test the web installer on windows and debian 8. Binary dgate gets compiled in src/dgate/build and gets copied to the server folder on [done].

    I am not sure how to add a password, but I guess that could be done with php.


  • Hi,

    This is a 1.4.19c pre-release that should fix the Linux compilation issues (web based and with maklinux, tested on Ubuntu 18.04) as well as other issues (see bug list above). Please give it a try. I intended to do a full release (with little changes) next weekend. As the zip is no longer in subfolder "distribution", there are small changes in its use.



  • Fresh debian installation - g++ is already the newest version (4:6.3.0-4).

    If you need any more information please feel free to ask, I need to move some old version of conquest to newer server with postgresql db and over 200gb of files. So i need to prepare old server.

    <suspicious link>https://pastebin.com/sYEjApk6<suspicious link>
  • Hi,

    I would use the prerelease version, there is no or little likely change in the server core - and it does fix several linux compile issues; there will be changes in the install procedure, but both linux installers do now work. The best way to transfer the data is to just copy the images, and potentially the database. With just the images copied, a regen will do the trick.

    Not sure where your 'code' link points to. I have not opened it.


  • Hi,

    The linux compile errors should be over in 1.4.19c1; tested on latest Debian 9.5, Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 29 both with maxlinux and linux.sh. Fedora gives a lot of problems with web interfaces (the web installer and the web interface) because cgi scripts are by default no longer allowed to open ports or read files in other folders, also the make scripts point to /usr/lib/cgi-bin, rather than /var/www/cgi-bin. Some help with configuration for Fedora would therefore be appreciated. There you need to install make and g++ (just run them), and start apache (systemctl start httpd.service). This script helps:


    Then acrnema.map must be copied to /var/www/cgi-bin/newweb (sudo cp ../acrnema.map /var/www/cgi-bin/newweb/.), and dicom.ini there must use "Dictionary = dgate.dic", i.e. without path.


    Marcel van Herk is developer of the Conquest DICOM server together with Lambert Zijp.

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