retry importconverter

  • I currently have an instance of conquest set up to forward images to a review station and change the compression on the fly while doing so to uncompressed.
    This so all internal and vpn traffic can be done with the highest compression, but the review station that can't handle this will still get the uncompressed images presented to it.

    Since we already store the images in the main conquest system, there is no need for this routing instance to also keep them.
    So I just have the following in my dicom.ini:

    # Configuration of rules to modify, log or reject incoming DICOM slices
    ImportConverters = 1
    ImportConverter0 = forward to RWS3; destroy

    I'm running into some issues where that RWS3 sometimes is rejecting images or when it reboots that images get missed.
    Even when an error is thrown, the images are destroyed.
    Is there a way of to retry failing images on an importconverter?
    And if not and I need to convert this to an exportconverter, is there a way to delete the images on a successful forward so this database stays mostly empty and I don't keep any extra copies of these images?


  • Hi,

    ImportConverters work on scans in memory, so they cannot retry. You would need an exportconverter. I guess the way to keep the database small is to delete pretty much all images at night. There is currently no link between export failures and cleanup actions.


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