Contributions, includes docker and web based installer

  • Hello Marcel, everyone,

    In case you or anyone else should find it useful, I have recently implemented a ConQuest DICOM server running within a Docker container. (info on Docker here: )

    It's an alternative way for someone to run a server, and they may find it faster (and substantially lighter on disk space) than creating a dedicated virtual machine for it.

    I have also uploaded the Docker build file to Docker Hub, so that it automatically builds an image which users can download directly, so someone can have a ConQuest server up and running in a few seconds.

    The Docker Hub project is here:
    ... and it is automatically building from the "Dockerfile" build file located here:

    Essentially, once you have docker installed on your system, you can just run:
    >> docker pull wavedrift/docker-conquest
    ... to download the image, and:
    >> docker run -p 5678:5678 -p 80:80 docker-conquest
    ... to have the server running on your system.
    (more detailed instructions on the pages linked above).

    I've tested it with DICOM query/send/retrieve, the cgi-bin/dgate interface and file upload, and they all work fine.

  • Hi,

    I attached an experimental web based installer for windows and linux.

    To use under windows:
    assumes c:\xampp exists (edit windows.bat if located elswhere)
    unzip zip file in install folder as subdirectory of server folder (i.e., next to install32 etc)
    start windows.bat

    To use under linux:
    unzip the src zip file into src/dgate/src (updates two source files)
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install g++
    sudo apt-get install apache2
    sudo a2enmod cgi
    sudo service apache2 restart
    unzip into install folder under server folder
    cd install
    chmod 777

    The web interface should then appear and guide you through installation. Please provide feedback.

    How it works:
    the batch / file script compiles a minimal dgate (linux) into or copies the 32 bits dgate.exe to the install folder
    This dgate is started as service control manager (SCM) on port 5912
    The same dgate is copied into the cgi-bin/service folder
    This cgi-bin application is controlled by service.lua, that instructs to SCM to perform all tasks.
    Tasks include: compile dgate (linux), configure/edit dicom.ini, configure/edit, regenerate the database and start the server. It also has an option to configure/install the new web interface and a link to start it.

    As long as the SCM runs, it is in charge of conquest. If you kill it, you have to start conquest as you did before.

    1) configure weasis viewer and old web interface
    2) install and configure dgate as service on linux and windows.
    3) Add hints; layout improvements; tell to stop/start after config
    4) Options to add converters




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    Marcel van Herk is developer of the Conquest DICOM server together with Lambert Zijp.

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