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  • I have a strange issue I've been working on for a while and I can't figure out the problem, so I thought I would try here.
    I have 6 conquest servers set up, through 4 different locations.
    Whenever I go to transfer images between them, I only ever get 3Mbps on the transfer speeds.
    The servers are connected through VPN connections, but on fast lines.
    2 of them are on gigabit internet lines in 2 datacenters.

    When I test my vpn connections with any other traffic between those locations, I get a steady 250Mbps or higher (tested http, smb, ftp, ...)
    I even recreated my vpn's with all kind of different settings and encryption methods to see if any of them are more friendly towards the traffic conquest generates, but no luck.

    I also tested by installing a second instance of conquest on one of the servers, transfers between the 2 instances are instant, as you would expect. So it does not seem to be a conquest limitation.

    Has anyone experienced this before and might know of something that might be slowing down the connections, or what I could try to speed them up?

    Our conquest servers are all running windows, on HP proliant servers if that helps.

    dicom config:

  • Our latency is around 20ms between the servers I am currently testing with
    The speed I get stuck at is always 3.1Mbps, doesn't matter if they are large images, small images, uncompressed, jpg compression, ...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Hi,

    the latency could be the issue. I suggest to get a version to you where you can change the maximum sub length from 16384 to something bigger. Can you setup test servers (e.g. on other ports) to investigate this issue? I can then do this in 1.4.19beta. A new dgate(64).exe should suffice.



  • Thanks for the quick turnaround of the test exe file
    I tested with the new dgate executable and the speed stays at 3.1Mbps
    Tested from conquest to conquest
    Tested requesting images from kpacs in the second location
    Speed is the same in both instances, so it seems like an issue on the sending side on the Conquest server side

    Tested with the server serving nki compressed, uncompressed dcm files and sending them both as jpg and uncompressed between servers, no difference there

  • Checked the logs from last night, only pdu length I can find is 16384
    Just ran it with the new dgate executable again, even with full debug logging on, this is the only mention of pdu length I get:
    6/23/2016 7:29:22 AM [CONQUEST] Application Context : "1.2.840.10008.", PDU length: 16384

    and just went back to double check, it was running the new version:
    20160623 07:32:40 DGATE (1.4.19beta, build Wed Jun 22 22:23:34 2016, bits 64) is running as threaded server

  • Just some more info from testing I have done between 2 virtual machines, with simulated latency introduced.
    Hopefully this might help in finding some kind of solution.

    Test setup:
    2 virtual machines on hyper-v
    each with a virtual 10gbps network card
    same amount of data to be copied: 7 patients with 3.3GB of data in total

    Transfer speed without any limits imposed: 450Mbps
    Transfer speed with 25ms latency: 100Mbps
    Transfer speed with 50ms latency: 60Mbps
    Transfer speed with 100ms latency: 50Mbps
    Transfer speed with 200ms latency: 8Mbps

  • Just to keep other interested parties here updated in this issue:
    We set up a VPN to a new medical facility we are dealing with.
    When they were sending test images to confirm everything is working correctly, they were sending us images at their max. throughput speed, 200MB/sec
    This over a 50ms latency line, about the same as I have been testing with internally here.
    VPN setup and everything is the same as before.

    So this proved to me that Conquest is able to achieve higher speeds at that latency.

    Seeing that, I wanted to do some more testing here to see if I could figure out our slowness when sending
    I tested sending images from different other programs.
    K-PACS, same speed issue
    SendToPACS (Java based), was able to send to Conquest at maximum speed.

    When checking some logs I found they are sending the files in different packet sizes, but I don't know if that might be causing this or not:
    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]

    Tested more by tweaking network settings, network cards, vpn tunnels, ...
    But I could not get Conquest to go at the correct speeds.
    3Mbps seems to be what I get stuck at.

    Next I hooked up a new test-lab by vpn to my live environment and sent images across.
    Was I surprised when I got all of a sudden the maximum speed out of my connection.
    The only difference being the test-servers running windows 2012R2 and my live ones are 2008R2
    All settings, hardware, conquest versions and settings are all the same.

    I spun up another 2012R2 server in a different location and was able to replicate the way improved speeds. (way improved, being: going from 3Mbps to maximum connection throughput)

    Unless this finding makes a lightbulb go off with someone, my next recommendation to my customer is going to be to migrate all their image servers from windows 2008R2 to windows 2012R2


  • sir,

    i have deployed conquest server with default setup at my workplace. The issue i am facing that while send image from CR workstation (tested from other station also- issue remains the same ) ,there is so much buffering. It takes much time ( more than 30 sec ) to send the 1 image. The speed is very slow in send image to conquest.

    Kindly suggest.

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