Conquest DICOM server 1.4.19beta release

  • I just changed a patient ID on 2 of our PACS servers.
    One is running 1.4.17e and this one changed the patient ID correctly, as I've done a million times before.
    When I did it on the 1.4.19 server, I got a couple screen fulls of errors in the logs and all except for 1 image of each study were deleted
    All details on the images were also changed to the patient ID, instead of the name, ...

    The only thing I did different than normal is that I selected change patient ID for patient instead of under the old interface, the only option available there is to change it study by study

  • Hi,

    sorry to hear this report and I hope you can recover those patients. I just retested this on my server and it works allright (SQLITE) on a new server.

    CONQUESTSRV1] Change PatientID from GUI
    [CONQUESTSRV1] Importconverter-1.0 executes: newuids
    [CONQUESTSRV1] Deleting database entry for image: E:\dicomserver1419beta\Data\20000321\1.2.826.0.1.3680043.2.135.736044.75626375.6.1458764069.718.11_0002_000001_14587640690000.dcm
    [CONQUESTSRV1] Modified image: E:\dicomserver1419beta\Data\TEST321\1.2.826.0.1.3680043.2.135.736148.45161853.7.1467545607.926.3_0002_000001_14675456070000.dcm
    [CONQUESTSRV1] Deleting file: E:\dicomserver1419beta\Data\20000321\1.2.826.0.1.3680043.2.135.736044.75626375.6.1458764069.718.11_0002_000001_14587640690000.dcm

    However, I now realize it may not work on an existing database because a field has been added to this database, called Stage. I omitted to put in an automatic update path for this. Can you go into your database and add this field: "Stage varchar(32)". That should fix the problem. In the meantime you can safely use Modify - this patient (Advanced) and enter code such as Data.PatientName = 'New name'. Without the database you cannot generate new uids.


    Edit: The change option sets PatientID and PatientName to the same value.

  • Hi Again,

    This should suffice to update the table format:

    sql('ALTER TABLE UIDMODS ADD COLUMN Stage varchar(32)')
    sql('ALTER TABLE UIDMODS ADD COLUMN Annotation varchar(64)')

    you can run it from the modify (advanced) console in 1.4.19beta with the test syntax button.


  • I was able to recover the images.

    After modifying the sql table with the 2 extra fields, the images get modified and no longer deleted.

    But with some testing (on test images) it seems there is no longer an option to just change the patient ID.
    All the options, change id for patient, study, series, all seem to also change the name.
    In most cases, when a tech puts a wrong ID in, I just need to change the ID and the name needs to stay the same.
    Would there be an option in the final version to just change the ID again?

  • That would be great.
    If there is a reason for the name and patientID to change together, that I haven't thought of, it can stay of course.
    But then the label of the option might need to change.
    Since currently it is saying "Change PatientID" and doesn't mention the name.
    And it is a departure from the previous version where only the ID was changed.

  • HI,

    Using a 6700K CPU ovreclocked to 4.3 GHz Windows 10 64 bit; --> DICOM server user interface 32 bit ""Freezes" when doing a initialization, even uses more CPU cycles than dgate64 uses for initialization !!, if you try to resize the window get error ""not responding""

    Win 10

    Please see upload

    Are you seeing this with 1.4.19beta.

    Is the CPU is to "fast" for the software?

    Thank you so much for this great software

    syrob :D

  • HI,

    ""(Re)-initialize database""

    Also, using Intel 750 SSD, very fast also, Pcie

    Regeneration of db completes successfully, but don not try to move or resize the GUI...

    Only way to know something is happening is to look at task manager.



  • Hm,

    sounds like a bug in the used Delphi library for the GUI. I have one windows 10 PC, I will see if I can reproduce this; Apparantly it goes into an infinite loop on one core. Maybe you can process explorer to see at which address is looping around.



  • Hi All,


    41) gui freeze on window 10 - not reproduced so far


    Re: Conquest DICOM server 1.4.19beta release
    Postby blub_smile » Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:21 pm

    Yep I also noticed the intermittent GUI freeze when doing a "rebuild database" operation][/quote]

    I was able to verify this on another computer with similar setup, fast HD, fast CPU, ...

    Others also saw the hangup, see the quote above...



  • Hi,

    if you say it freezes, does it need a restart or does it come back after a while? I tried to get it to freeze during a small rebuild, but I failed. Without me being able to reproduce it it is very hard to find a fix.


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