K-PACS How to's: Database regeneration.

  • It is possible to regenerate your local imagebox via the "filesystem" option. Click "filesystem", then select the folder of your imagebox (default: c:\kpacs\imagebox), uncheck the "check for dicom compliancy" option because all files in the imagebox are dicom compliant and this would slow down the process. Click "Accept" and the imagebox will be searched through. Select all studies that where found and click "viewer". The database will be regenerated (this may take a while for large databases).

    For complete regeneration make a copy of the whole imagebox folder (for instance "c:\k-pacs\imagebox-copy", clear local database (go to "local settings" and select "clear local imagebox"). Do as descibed above with the imagebox-copy folder.


  • There are two reasons basically for a database regeneration:

    1. If you think that your database has somehow become corrupted and the number of studies in your study table does no longer fit the number of study folders in your imagebox folders.

    2. If you move the database and imagebox to different locations on your hard disk, i.e. if you separate their folder locations.

    In case you want to store the images you receive in K-PACS on a different hard disk, a different partition or simply a different folder, I highly recommend to move both the imagebox folders (i.e. the study data including all images of all series) and the database files (KPStudy.dir, Series.dir, Image.dir of all studies, series and images) to the same location. This also saves you from the trouble of performing a database regeneration as the database will still know the location of the studies, series and images.

    Just don't forget to update the paths to imagebox and database in the K-PACS server administration tool. And make sure to end the paths there with a "\" (backslash).

  • hi my name is pablo.im new in the forum, im looking for the last version of kpacs, if anybody can send a zip/rar or email to pablosmosh@gmail.com you will save me. the capture sistem from a old ct is in a pc with windows xp and y dont have any soft to redirect the dicom images. thanks a lot anyway
    sorry for my poor english.

  • Hi Sabine,
    I tried your link and guess what? there is no sign for kpacs.
    there are these : as shown below: But don't see no KPacs. Can you please send me separately a link for the KPacs only.
    much thnx --- rajs

    Represents a set of tools for the purpose of testing and troubleshooting DICOM communications.
    dicom-anonymizea DICOMAnonymize
    A Windows® based easy DICOM anonymization tool.
    A Windows based tool to create DICOM reference images for measurement validation of PACS viewers.
    A useful web application to determine the appropiate size of your PACS

  • Seems to me that you used the "Free DICOM Tools" link under "Products" and not under "Download Center" as stated in my earlier post.

    Please follow the instructions as they were given and you will find the K-PACS download. It's still in the same place:


    Go to http://image-systems.biz. Select "Download Center" from the menu on the left. Log in with your forum access data. Then click "Free DICOM Tools" and select the "K-PACS" entry to download the latest version. Please also read the respective disclaimers for using K-PACS. Last available version is 1.6.0 in either English or German.

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