eFilm 4.0 can't load images

  • Hello everyone,

    one of our clients updated from eFilm 1.5.3 to Win7 with eFilm4.0 and now it is not possible to retrieve Images from the PACS. I tried several versions of Conquest (.17; .13; .14) but it's always the same.
    The query works fine - i can see the results but when i want to load the specific series, eFilm seems to freeze. I see no calling etc. even in debug-mode in the conquest server gui. So i looked in the eFilm-Dicom-log and found this:

    (3904) 03-31 11:22:33.25 MC3 W: Presentation context 13 rejected, reason 0x03
    (3904) 03-31 11:22:33.25 MC3 W: | Abstract syntax: 1.2.840.10008. (COMPOSITE_INSTANCE_ROOT_RET_MOVE)
    (3904) 03-31 11:22:33.25 MC3 W: | Abstract Syntax Rejected

    This SOP is not in dgatesop.lst maybe thats the problem?

    Other Viewers seems to use
    PatientRootRetrieve 1.2.840.10008. sop
    when calling for images. Is there a way to add this SOP to conquest? Or has someone managed to bind eFilm4.0 to Conquest successfully? If yes, which version of Conquest is running?

    with kind regards

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